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She’s a travel writer who splits her time primarily between East and Southern Africa


Today’s guest post is from Alicia Erickson. She’s a traveling writer that splits her time mostly in between East and Southern Africa, India, and Seattle. She’s writing about how to conserve money in Uganda, a country I have wanted to see however still have not navigated to doing. Get in Alicia, who will offer us ideas and techniques to save on our next visit.The spectacular and also varied shade, plant life, and also wild animals of Uganda so inspired Winston Churchill that he nicknamed this East African nation “the pearl of Africa,” a name that has actually stuck since.

Because losing its fierce reputation after an unpredictable duration throughout the 1980s, Uganda has transformed a great deal. Specifically, it’s spent sources right into creating its riches of national parks, mainly intended toward the repopulation of wildlife as well as the aware growth of infrastructure to assist make its large wild accessible.

Although East Africa is known for its expensive high-end lodges and also activities, Uganda is a lot more affordable than several of its neighbors. It ruins adventure-seekers with its bounteous nature. In a fairly small and also quickly accessible area, one can hike with mountain gorillas in dense jungle, go to coffee and tea vineyards, loosen up by volcanic lakes, drive via savannah bountiful in tree-climbing lions as well as other wildlife, trek snow-capped hills, and raft down rapids in the Nile River!

Uganda has actually enthralled me given that I first started checking out in 2010 and also, over many brows through, I have actually just developed a much deeper admiration for it. In this article, I want to share that love for the country and help you take a trip Uganda on a budget!Transportation in Uganda can be found in a wide variety of public and personal choices that accommodate a selection of budgets. Public buses and motorbikes are the cheapest and most direct ways to reach major destinations, though looking for deals on personal transport will improve your flexibility and simplicity of traveling.

Boda Bodas (motorcycles)– Public motorcycles, called boda bodas, are dirt cheap in areas such as Jinja as well as Kampala but are harder to locate in rural areas and also around national parks. While they are one of the most economical type of transportation– in between 7,000-8,000 Ugandan shillings (UGX) ($2 USD), though prices are always flexible– workout caution when making use of boda bodas, as they have a reputation for being rather dangerous: safety helmets aren’t given, and chauffeurs are understood for being reckless.


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